I'm a core specialist... 

It took me a decade to figure that out. 

At 22, I felt broken, defeated, out of shape, and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

"I just can't do it anymore". That was the very line I repeated over and over again in my head.

And I realized that at any moment I could choose again.

And I chose me.

I started working out because I knew things had to change. I lived with debilitating back pain, a weak immune system, and very (VERY) low confidence.

The focus of my workouts wasn't about my thighs (though, at the time, I had ripped quite a few pairs of jeans trying to stretch them out), my stomach (which had just undergone some serious changes), or my weak arms.

It was just about me. Getting better, being happier, and living healthier.

Every time I showed up for a workout that's all it was - it was just about me. And with every minute spent focusing on just that, on just me - was another spark in my core.

And I found my sense of belonging... I found who I was.

It stitched self-worth and self-confidence into the fibers of my being.

I found peace, balance, self-confidence, happiness, and an energy I'd never known right there (literally and figuratively) in my very core.

I've spent the last decade learning, practicing, and being a personal trainer and the one thing I know for certain is that peace, balance, self-confidence, happiness, and an energy you've never known is right there in your very core.

That's why I'm a core specialist. 

Your anatomical core is made up of major muscles included are the pelvic floor muscles (hello), transversus abdominis (wayyyy deep inside there), multifidus (muscles the run on each side of the spine), internal and external obliques (the sides of your abs), rectus abdominis (the six pack guys), erector spinae (think obliques for your back - they help turn and rotate your body), latissimus dorsi (muscles in your mid back), gluteus maximus (your butt), and trapezius (all the way up to the top of your back).

Your core is made up of even more than that. At your core you are calm, compassionate, curious, full of clarity, confident, creative, courageous and connected.

Your core is often misused, or not working as one whole. So that's what I do. Focus, strengthen, and uncover the core of you so that you can get better, be happier, and live healthier. 

I promise you'll find peace, balance, self-confidence, happiness, and an energy you've never known, right there (literally and figuratively) in your very core.


This isn’t a personal trainer in your ear; this is a personal trainer having your back. I want to make your food and workouts start working FOR YOU.
— Melissa Robbins

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