Personalised 4-week Training Programme


Exercise is not a one size fits all kind of thing so a custom made programme means that it will be completely tailored to where you are at now, where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Personalised 4-week Training Programme


Has your health and fitness gone a little off track recently? Perhaps you’ve gained some extra pounds and with the end of lockdown now in sight, you want to start getting back on track? Maybe you gained some excess weight after giving birth and want to start getting back to you or maybe you or your loved ones have been affected by sickness and want to start leading a healthier lifestyle to boost your immune system?

Whatever your reasons, for one month only, I am offering custom made training & nutrition programme at an amazing introductory price of just £50 – that’s 50% off the normal price.

All training packages come with a one-hour initial health and fitness consultation, access to me for support at any time throughout the program, weekly check-ins with progress updates, and a final one-hour evaluation to assess your achievements. You will be given your target calories for throughout your program as well as a full one day meal plan, according to your target calories, which can be used as a guideline for the rest of your meals. You will also be given my Getting Started Guide which will help you understand how to plan healthy meals.

Exercise is not a one size fits all kind of thing so a custom made programme means that it will be completely tailored to where you are at now, where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Custom-made to suit your schedule

Maybe you have a really busy schedule and want a plan that has short but effective workouts 5 days a week. Perhaps you only have a few hours a week and want to fit as much into those hours as possible. You may event want a full body plan that is split out across multiple days or multiple full body workouts.

Whatever your schedule, I can adapt accordingly.

Custom-made to suit your likes and dislikes

Do you really hate HIIT training, cardio, or running? Maybe you prefer bodyweight exercises over weights? Maybe you prefer workouts that are short and sweet over longer sessions. Would you like to schedule stretching sessions into your programme?

Maybe you have no idea and are completely open to hearing whatever has been proven to get the best results. Whatever your status, your programme can be tailored accordingly.

Custom-made to suit your goals

Weight loss? Weight Gain? Build Mass? Get toned? Build Muscle? Lose fat? Improve heart health? Reduce aches and pains? Be more active? Improved energy levels? Improved mobility? Increased Flexibility? Improved endurance? To be stronger? To be leaner? To be faster? More power? Have more energy to play with your children?

Everyone’s why is different but whatever yours is, I’ve got you covered.

Custom-made to suit your environment

Working out from home and have limited or no equipment? Perhaps you don’t have much space or you live in an apartment and want a low impact plan to avoid making too much noise?

Maybe you need a schedule for the gym?

Whatever your situation, just let me know and I can accommodation it.

Custom-made to suit your health and fitness status

If you haven’t worked out for a long time, it is likely that your cardio fitness will be low, your body will be deconditioned and you may have muscle imbalances; so during a consultation we will discuss your status and create a programme that is suitable for the level you are at and challenges you in a controlled and safe way.

If you have underlying health issues (arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc) or prior injury, as long as you have been given the all clear by your doctor, we can definitely look at ways to get you back to good health in a safe and sustainable way.

Whether you have injuries, health issues, or just lack overall fitness, each programme comes with a one hour consultation where we will discuss where you’re at and how we can get to where you want to go.

What to expect

Initial Consultation

Each programme comes with a one hour zoom call that will be scheduled at your convenience after booking your package. The aim is to really get to know eachother; your goals, health and lifestyle, nutrition, schedule, likes and dislikes, any barriers you might be facing and more. You can ask me any questions you have and make me aware of anything that you think might be relevant.

I will also get you to perform a series of movements / exercises to identify any areas that may require additional attention and be addressed in your programme. You should ensure that you are wearing sportswear / clothing that allows you to move freely.

Ideally, to ensure that we can set realistic and achievable goals that can be measured, it would really help if you could have your weight, height and measurements (waist, hip, thigh, back, arms, chest etc) ready for our call. I will also need to take photos of you during the call so we can refer back to them throughout your journey to check your progress. This photos are for reference only and will never be used for any other purpose without your explicit consent.

The programme

Your full 4 week customised plan will be made available to you on our amazing mobile app so no more carrying around paper programmes; instead access to your plan whenever you want. The app is available on both android and iOS and comes complete with full instructions, demonstration videos and a timer for timed based exercises and rest periods.

You will be presented with how much weight you should be looking to use, how many repetitions, sets and how much rest should be taken. The app allows you to track your progress by updating how many reps, sets, and weight you managed to achieve – making it easier for you to see if you are getting stronger and to use as reference points for what you should be aiming to beat the next time around.

Your programme will include how many calories you should be eating per day, broken down into the percentage of carbohydrates, fats and protein. The app also allows you to sync your data from MyFitnessPal so I can see how you are getting on. And if that’s not enough, your programme also comes with a full one-day meal plan that you can use as a guideline for the rest of your meals. Full meal plans are available at an additional cost – ask me for more info.


At the end of the month, we will schedule another zoom call where we will repeat the assessments from the initial consultation to see how much progress has been made. We can also talk about next steps to continuing your journey either with a new training program or on your own.

The app

The app allows you to see all your workouts (with videos and instructions) in one place and is available on both android and iOS. It allows you to sync the data from most activity trackers, including the apple watch and Fitbit, and track nutrition either through the app or by integrating MyFitnessPal. I will also set you daily habits which will be visible as you log into the app.

You can upload your progress photos and measurements so we can both keep track of your progress towards achieving your goals.

The app allows us to message each other at any time so support is available whenever you need it, which will be used regularly throughout your programme to see how you are going on.

Ongoing support

Throughout the duration of your programme I will be available at your dispense for guidance, support and motivation. You should expect to hear from me at least twice a week to see how you’re getting on. In addition, if at any point you feel that the programme is not working for you, or you just need some support, you can reach out to me and I would be more than happy to support you.

Personal Training

For anyone who feels they need additional support and would like to have me personally train them during their workouts, I am offering online personal training at half price for one month for anyone who books a 4-week training programme with me. For just £25 per hour (usually £50 p/h) you can have me guide you through your workouts, offering advice on form and technique, and giving motivation and modifications where required.

This offer is only going to be running through the month of April so don’t miss the chance to get your tailored-made workout programme at such an incredible price.

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Initial Consultation

After making your payment I will be in contact with you to arrange your initial consultation, which will take place on zoom.


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