“I just can’t do it anymore.” <<----- There I was… again… in old, familiar territory- stuck, deflated and sobbing.

I felt like a victim. Like someone was doing THIS TO ME… but I was doing THIS TO MYSELF. Insert epiphany, here----- >> IF I WAS DOING IT TO MYSELF… THEN I COULD STOP DOING IT TOO!

I could choose again.

So instead of listing my running tab of typical excuses: situation, relationships, back pain and so forth, I looked myself in the mirror and took control back from my emotions.

I was not willing to be burnt out, exhausted and unfulfilled for the rest of my life.

Though at my core I am a loving and compassionate woman, I had let myself hide under a blanket of self-doubt, obligations and responsibilities. I let myself fall away thinking I wasn’t worthy or capable of “showing up.”

When I finally pulled on my running shoes and stepped onto the mat for my first workout, I quickly realized that this was quite literally the first thing I had ever done that was solely… purely… just for me. 

And I owned that. I embraced that. I celebrated that.

I finally realized that in any given moment, you can choose again.

You First was created entirely on the truth that investing in yourself, will be the greatest investment you.ever.make. 

It’s not selfish.

It’s not irresponsible.

It’s life-changing.

When you put yourself first, you’re not taking away from anyone else, but instead adding to what you have to offer everyone and everything. It’s your opportunity to show up better, happier and healthier for yourself- and the ones you love the most.

All you have to do is CHOOSE YOU FIRST.

Complimentary Coaching Consultations available!

Life Coaching - $720, six week program

Who is this for? Everyone.

  • Slow time: we'll create awareness, mindfulness and presence to live fully engaged and enjoy your daily experiences
  • Find your voice: you know, the one that has the ability to ask for and get what you need; the one that can calmly and clearly express how you feel to every damn you'll ever need to.
  • Close the running tabs: like your computer, your brain will slow down, shut down, or potentially catch a virus if you have too many tabs open. Think about it: all of your chores, responsibilities, ideas, likes, dislikes, people, adventures, dreams... all of it gets it's own tabs. Then there are those tabs like that-thing-that-person-said-to-you-last-week-that-you're-trying-real-hard-to-let-go tab that we need to learn how to actually deal with in order to let go.
  • Increase your rebound rate: let's be honest, life is never going to to all sunshine and rainbows. The point is not to avoid anything bad ever happening but to learn how to experience the bad thing and get back to your sunshine and rainbows self as quickly as possible.
  • Experience the "there's more": I get it, you've had that quiet voice that says "there's more to life than this", "there's more for me out there"; that voice might even be screaming at you by now and I'm here to tell you: YOU'RE RIGHT. So let's get the more.
  • Six week program
  • 1,  60-90 minute DIG DEEP session
  • 12, 30 minute sessions (2/week)
  • 24/7 support

The greatest coaching is done with compassion and compassion isn't a relationship between the healer and the wounded it's a relationship between equals. You and I, we're in this together. 

All sessions are done via phone, Facetime or Zoom. *Payment plans are available! 

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Life Coaching, 1 hour single session - $99

When shit gets heavy we have a tendency to pick more up. We try harder, we push further, get up earlier, stay up later... and we go further down the rabbit hole. You know those days when you're stressed, you feel exhausted, and maybe a little bit stuck? You'll start reading affirmations, listening to inspirational podcasts, or "venting" to your friends who vent right back. You take more in. It's time to get it out and make a plan to tackle it. That's what this is. 

  • One 60 minute call
  • Email Recap
  • A check in for "accountability" as you like to call it and some extra love as I like to call it.
You seem to complete understand. It is so nice to barely explain my struggles and have someone who understands and seems to know exactly what to do!
— Kayla S.
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You already have the answers, you just need to ask yourself some different questions! Let's get you on the path to a better, happier, and healthier you!