When I say the word manifest, I'm thinking Law of Attraction. Roll your eyes if you must; call me crazy if you will ? but there's one thing I know for sure: like attracts like. Positive living manifests a positive life and negative living manifests a negative life. YOU can manifest anything you want.

There are endless books, blogs and articles dedicated to how you can manifest things but in the heart of keeping it simple this holiday season I'm going to share Denise Duffield-Thomas' Five Steps to Manifesting anything you want.

Step One - declutter everything in your life -

Hold your eye rolls??. I'm not talking about cleaning everything out (though I am a huge fan of that). I'm talking about decluttering everything in your life that is preventing you from manifesting something. For example, if you are trying to manifest more money then you are going to have to declutter things like your crappy old money feelings... in other words, let it go. Decluttering doesn't always mean in a capacity of physical space but could be people, emotions, thoughts, time spent, ANYTHING. Can you recognize some things that are cluttering your time, space or mind and preventing you from manifesting what you want?

Step Two - decide exactly what you want -

I already know what you're thinking??. "Of course I know what I want, Melissa. A new job, more money, a better body, the perfect relationship, (insert what you want here)". BUT... what job? How much money? What does that look like? What EXACTLY do you want? It's simple to say a million dollars but is that what you want? What EXACTLY would you do with the money... maybe there you'll find EXACTLY what you want. You want a new job? Decide exactly what you want to do. Then change your wording: "I think I'd like to...", or "I'm going to try..." is not going to cut it. "I am going to...", and "I will..." ONLY. I'll give you a start on this: you deserve exactly what you want, just as you are, you don't need to do anything else to deserve it.

Step Three - surround your life with positivity -

Have you ever heard of energy vampires?? Ever get that icky feeling after you’ve spent time with someone? It could manifest as feeling tired, cranky, depressed or just drained. Yup – you’ve been sucked by an energy vampire!

Trying to manifest money but spend all your time around people who complain about money and live in a constant state of scarcity? It's going to be reaaaaally hard. The saying is TRUE: You are the average of the FIVE people you spend the most time with. Soooo, let go of toxic friendships and relationships.

Hanging with people just because you always have? Does your current friendship group reflect where you want to be in life? If the answer is no, well... you know what to do.

Work with negative people? Spend ALL of your breaks away from the energy vampires; if it's really affecting you then it's enough to consider speaking to a boss, moving departments, or even switching jobs (better yet, start your own business;)).

Negative family? Eek. Keep your boundaries, pick your battles, and spend more time doing things like going to the movies and less time chatting on the phone.

Negative spouse? Talk about it. It may be negativity they are picking up from energy vampires. Try and practice forgiveness. Focus on any other good trait you can find and see what you can manifest in them!

Step Four - take inspired action

In Brene Brown's Gifts of Imperfection (a must read) she says "the universe is not short on wake up calls, we're just quick to hit the snooze button"; there have been SO many times that I thought I should share something nice with someone, realized a change that I needed to make, or a big idea that I knew was just for me.... And then I just let the moment pass. Those are the moments I believe if I had taken inspired action something really great would have manifested.

Then there are moments when I'm trying to manifest something big, something like a movement to help others live better, happier and healthier... And I take inspired action.

Are you taking inspired action? Are you waking up and manifesting or are you hitting the snooze button?

Step Five - receive and fine tune -

Receive! My husband told me about a show he watched where a guy was given multiple opportunities: he didn't help someone with a flat tire (who turned out to be someone famous), a scratch off that he didn't bother scratching off, a fifty dollar bill that he didn't even notice. Finally the host of the show had to have a truck follow him around that was broadcasting his name and a number to call before he actually bothered to receive what he had been hoping to manifest.

Are you missing all the opportunities to receive?? Are you manifesting a little bit but really want to up the ante? Go back to step one and fine tune! I KNOW that YOU are capable of having everything you've ever wanted and more importantly I know that you deserve it!

Happy Manifesting!

Sweat & Smiles,