I had a nice talk with my dear friend Dr. Casey today; he's a seasoned homeopathic doctor (I say seasoned because I don't actually know how old he is and if you would ask he will tell you he's 11). And something he said struck me so deeply that I had to pause the conversation; we were talking about stress and worry and he said "you have to finish each day gracefully." I am a planner by nature, I love to organize and reorganize things and I disdain clutter. The reason I feel so strongly about these subjects is because I struggle keeping my thoughts and emotions organized and clutterless. While logically I know I cannot clean out my stress or organize my emotions I still have a habit of trying to plan and create ways to do so... that is until I learned that simple lesson: you have to finish each day gracefully. I don't have to finish each day perfectly or even well; I just have to show myself and others grace. And only on THIS day, just this one. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Talk about eliminating stress and lightening emotions; the pressure is off. When you are feeling like you aren't doing enough, finishing enough or being enough offer yourself some grace and finish the day. When the people around you aren't doing enough or being enough, offer them some grace and finish the day. All you have to do is finish each day... gracefully.

Sweat & Smiles,