A couple years ago I ran my fastest 5K time, finishing second in my age group. As I excitedly crossed the finish line and started to catch my breath someone yelled “aren’t you a trainer, shouldn’t you have finished first?!”.  While it was meant as a harmless joke it really stung (and obviously still does since I’m still talking about it). Not to mention my pride ended before I made it out of the ‘I may puke’ phase of finishing a race. I’ve been a trainer for 6 years and I have come a long way physically and emotionally.  I genuinely enjoy eating healthy and pushing myself working out but I have to tell you I also occasionally enjoy cheese fries, chocolate, all lemon-y desserts, and I’ve been known to enjoy a drink or two… or three. Over the years I’ve heard lots of condescending comments: “what are you eating!?”, “what are you drinking?!” and “I thought you were a personal trainer?!” Each time I explained myself and even let it make me feel like I was being an inadequate fitness professional.

Last week one of my dearest clients shared with me her disappointment in her progress over the last year. She’s lost 50 pounds. And she was disappointed. You know who I was disappointed in? The fitness industry.  She’s had some health hurdles and started a healthy diet last February, in November she started working out again. In November she started running intervals for 30 seconds at a time. In December she was sick to her stomach nervous about running for five minutes and this weekend she ran five miles. You read that correctly: November no running, February 5 miles. And she was disappointed in her progress. It’s not her fault, it’s what she’s been programmed to believe, it’s what we’ve all been programmed to believe.

When did the ability of our bodies start mattering less than the number on a scale??? When did we start measuring our success by impossible standards?? Why are we setting ourselves up for failure?

I want to make something very clear: this is the only body you will ever have. Taking care of it, fueling it and working to make it run at optimal performance is the only thing that matters. I am about to fill you in on the greatest fitness and weight loss secret you will ever learn: if you change your focus to that the weight, the size, and the happiness you are searching for will fall into line.

I want to challenge you to spend one month focusing ONLY on your physical successes. No weighing, no measurements. If you just bulked reading that then it is especially written for you. Don’t weigh yourself for thirty days. Focus on being able to do 10 more pushups in a row, squatting with heavier weight, running even a few seconds farther. And celebrate those successes with all of your being because this is your body and you are making it stronger and you are increasing the quality of your life one rep at a time!

Sweat & Smiles,