DIET. Society has imposed a negative connotation on the word “diet”. No one invented dieting and no one is revolutionizing it.  Diet does not mean you are depriving yourself of things you like.  You could eat two packs of Oreos a day and that is still your diet.  Diet is not something you “go on”; it’s not something you wait until Monday to start; or until you’ve eaten all the junk food you already bought.    Whatever you choose to eat is your diet.  So why is the word diet so taboo? The fact of the matter is we are making poor choices.  Society tells us you can shake, medicate, and prepackage yourself into being healthy.  The answer to all of your problems is simple.  Educate yourself.   There is enough time, there are enough resources and it won’t cost you any more than the boxes of girl scout cookies, diet shakes, weight loss pills or junk groceries.