Flag-Staff-Fort-Monroe *Photo: Flag Staff at Fort Monroe special thanks to United States Air Force Senior Airman Holden Cross. Words will never describe our appreciation to those serving our country!

I always joke that people think I jump out of bed in the morning and into a burpee. The reality is I wake up and do a physical therapy routine before I’m able to jump into anything. And my body hurts… a lot. I have a bad back and I’ve experienced all of the emotions that come with pain and injuries –but none of those negative emotions have hit me as hard as the message I received last week.

Sunday, I watched Lone Survivor, a true story of four Navy SEALs in modern warfare. The entire movie I kept thinking “That is reality”. Fighting in Afghanistan on rough terrain, terrible conditions and significantly outnumbered, these men continued to fight back with everything they had. Marcus Luttrell is not a fictional character in a movie pulling at your heartstrings, he is a real person. There are people like Marcus, who at this very moment are giving every bit of their aching bodies for their countrymen, for the citizens trapped in burning buildings and to people they don’t know and still fight to protect.

Yet we let aches, pains and injuries get us down and hold us there. One line in particular resonated in me: “never out of the fight”. The line came straight from Navy SEAL Marcus Lattrell in his book Lone Survivor and I cannot stop thinking about it. I’m not out of the fight. I could make a chart of all the places on my body that hurt– but I’m not out of the fight. And you aren’t either. web search history . You may not be able to do what you used to do or even what you want to do but you can do SOMETHING because you’re never out of the fight.

Sweat & Smiles, Melissa